Monday, February 9, 2009

Nanny Knows Best

Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness.
~Jean Vanier

s soon as the fries start to swim, they will be constantly looking for
food. There is an urgency to grow the fries fast to boost up their immunities. On the other hand, good control of water quality is needed to keep them healthy amidst the aggressive feeding regime. If they got sick, it could be fatal and affect their future development, even if they would recover.

Goldfish are very greedy, it is important to provide enough quality food for them. Uneven growth rate is a sign of bad water quality or insufficient food. Without ample food, cannibalism prevails as the bigger fries start devouring their siblings.

Daphnia is the ideal food for goldfish fries, however, brine shrimp is also a good option. Try to feed the fries with newly hatched brine shrimp as they are the most nutritious in the first few hours of hatching. This would mean daily hatching of brine shrimps.

Taking care of goldfish fries is a very demanding task as they are very much like babies - totally dependent on you and always hungry. Under optimal conditions, the fries grow very fast - they seem to grow within a matter of few minutes after their meal!

1) 5 gallon mineral water container used to hatch brine shrimps
2) Day 2 of free swimming


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