Wednesday, February 11, 2009

魚與熊掌 - Fish And Bear's Paw

We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

I brought my family for a tour in Hong Kong last November - my second Hong Kong trip. As would any goldfish fanatic, I looked forward to visiting the Goldfish Pagoda and Tung Choi Street (Goldfish Street) again.

It was a great disappointment to find out that the Goldfish Pagoda was demolished to make way for an elaborate panda display! Why can't the goldfish co-exist with the panda? I could only think of how coincidentally it gels with the Chinese idiom: 魚與熊掌不可兼得 (fish and bear's paw, you can have either one but not both#).

Luckily, Tung Choi Street was still as vibrant as ever. I went there almost everyday even though my hotel was quite a distance away :) You can revisit the Goldfish Pagoda and Tung Choi Street in the Vermillion Goldfish Club website.

#"Fish and Bear's Paw" equivalent to the English idiom: "One can't have one's cake and eat it too."

The Chinese philosopher Mencius mapped virtue to an analogy of fish and bear's paw:
I love fish and bear's paw; If I cannot have both I'll forgo fish for bear's paw. I love life and righteousness; If I cannot have both I'll forgo life for righteousness.


PS: I am not advocating bear or goldfish for dinner :)


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