Monday, February 2, 2009

Goldfish Neverland

Nostalgia is like a grammar lesson: you find the present tense, but the past perfect!

~Owens Lee Pomeroy

The highly anticipated Aquarama 2009 is just less than 5 months away. This biennial event boosts a high turn out and International prestige in the Aquatic World. It will be my 5th Aquarama event - 10 years since I started getting serious about goldfish competition.

I may not be able to remember all the fishes that I had ever competed in the various goldfish competitions, but I will always relish the moments when all of us put the Vermillion Club spirit to work as a team. It is so amazing how the common love for the goldfish has fostered the close bonding of a group of very serious goldfish fanatics from all walks of life.

As I reminisce over the years of good clean fun with my friends and fishes: the hardwork grooming the fishes for months, the hopes and anticipation in the goldfish competitions, the joy of teamwork rounding up and selecting the fishes from the ponds, the Vermillionian spirit is much more endearing than any trophies that we had won.

I hope for the goldfish hobby to bring respite in these trying times. Let's not forget that the goldfish is an emblem of peace and an ambassador of friendship. The true joy of the goldfish hobby is more than just goldfish competitions. Sometimes, grown-ups have much to learn from young children when it comes to innocent fun, minus the tandrums.

1) Vermillionians helping each other to round up the fishes before competition.
2) Vermillionians enjoying the weekend admiring each others' collection.
3) Children having fun with goldfish.


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