Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dream of a Goldfish Fanatic ~ 魚痴愚夢


Nothing Happens Unless First A Dream
~ Carl Sandburg

My kinky gems ~ Dragon Eyes Pompom Pearlscales

spark of insanity to create a completely new variety of Goldfish in Singapore was how it all got started. What followed next is
years of planning and staying focus to make my dream comes true. It is more work in our climate to breed Goldfish because the tropical climate is not the natural habitat of the Goldfish. If for some reasons that the seed fishes couldn't spawn for that year or are wiped out by some diseases outbreak, everything would be back to square one again.

By 2010, I have incorporate all the exotic features from three different varieties of Goldfish into one strain of Goldfish,  however, there is still much work to fine tune the features in order to create the desired configuration of my dream fish. 

With no available literature pertaining to Goldfish breeding in the tropical climate, the pain and anguish learning from scratch and making all the mistakes these years can be very discouraging sometimes. The push factor to holding on to this mentally and physically taxing journey is the tremendous joy of seeing my dream fish coming slowly to life. 

In this blog post, may I share with you a video clip of my blood and sweat, powered by my fanatical Goldfish dream. 


Unknown September 6, 2010 at 12:08 AM  

your determination to realise a dream is inspiring =)...all the very best to the next phase...jia you!

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