Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In My Ideal Goldfish World...

The holy grail mock up (click on the pond to dispense food) >>>

In my ideal world...

Goldfish never falls sick,
there's no diseases to treat!
Even for the kids,

the hobby's an easy feat!

Stocking as many that fits my whim,
in any space to the rim.
They'll grow strong and big,
with colours that won't fade a bit.

No staggering of feeds,
no more green water like weeds.
Shower 'em plentiful of food,
without water change for good!

Is this holy grail,
ideal or wholly real?

The seasonal higher demand for goldfish is geared up again towards the Chinese Lunar New Year (Jan 26th to Jan 27th). In the orient, goldfish is an auspicious pet and an emblem of peace, prosperity and harmony. As such, many Chinese families purchase colourful goldfishes for display in their home tanks during the Chinese New Year. The ancient art of fengshui (geomancy) also practices the keeping of 9 goldfishes (8 red and one black) to bring good luck to the owner. These and many beliefs makes goldfish one of the most popular but also one of the least understood of all ornamental fishes.

Lovely as they are, Goldfish are messy. For the owner, the joy of feeding is soon overwhelmed by the chore of water change. The bio-load of goldfish is just too heavy that it demands more skill and effort on water management. Many people try hard to find ways to keep goldfish with the least maintenance possible. The quest for a zero water-change system continues.

Then again, not everyone keeps goldfish just for the Chinese New Year or fengshui and there are many hobbyists who strives to keep them healthy, growing and more beautiful. Like any other pet or plant hobby, one would need to understand the basic physiological needs of the subject matter to be successful. If you are interested to find out more about the goldfish, you can write to the avid goldfish hobbyists club to meet up with us in our regular sharing sessions.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!


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