Saturday, January 24, 2009

Whether the Weather be Kind?

Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.
~ Mark Twain

It is the time of the year again to prepare my TVR breeders for spawning. From as early as last September, breeder candidates were put on a staple diet of bloodworms and good quality pellet food. It is also very essential to keep breeders very healthy so that they will produce good eggs and babies.

Goldfish are coldwater fishes; in countries with 4 seasons, goldfish spawning is much more predictable than in the tropical countries. As Spring approaches, goldfish "wakes up" from their hibernation in winter and started to con
sume more food, their body naturally conditions for spawning when the water temperature becomes warmer.

It is often said that Singapore also has 4 seasons: warm, warmer, wet and wetter. It is possible to spawn goldfish the whole year round - thanks (or no thanks) to the monsoon and seasonal downpour that brings about changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature. For goldfish bred
and raised for sometime in Singapore, conditioning them for spawning requires more patience, as well as understanding of the climatic conditions. With accelerated growth in the all-summer tropical climate, yearlings becomes sexually matured earlier than in cooler climates. However, warmer weather could also result in higher chances of egg-engorgement in the female fishes.

The weather has been scalding hot these few days and spawning is not expected any time soon. Yeah... now with my breeding plan and breeders ready, it's time for some rain dance :)


Ōzeki Ranchu Club: Tosai Ranchu Study meet late December under tropical heat.

A male seed ranchu with shooting stars on the pectoral, ready action anyt


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