Friday, January 23, 2009

Water Change

Change is inevitable - except from a vending machine

~Robert C. Gallagher

Like all ornamental fishes, goldfish needs good water quality and space for optimum growth and health. Even a fully cycled home aquarium is a closed ecosystem, too small for the biological-load in a goldfish tank. In a typical goldfish aquarium or small goldfish pond, besides maintaining an appropriate stocking ratio, a routine water change is essential to replenish the trace elements and remove the nitrates. The frequency and amount of change depends on the water parameters, climatic conditions and feeding regime. In Singapore with soft and warm water, a weekly change is usually needed to keep the goldfish healthy.

Another important aspect of water change is to remove the growth inhibitor secreted by goldfish.
Growth inhibitor is nature's way to keep the fish growth in check due to the environmental constraint. Our home aquarium and pond is a closed eco-system where trace elements are not replenished naturally and new water are not usually flushed into the system.

In Thailand, it is very popular to use the "dripping" method, where new source of water is dripped continuously into an overflowing system that displaces the old water. In essence, it is a constant water change system to dilute the biological-load and growth inhibitor of old water and thus stimulate the growth of goldfish. There are many varied setups but they all make use of the continuous water change principle to attain growth for the goldfish in a restricted space.

Picture shows the setup of a Thai goldfish hobbyist. Note the overflow and continuous water input.


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