Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words ~ 妙在不言中

Be Silent, Or Say Something Better Than Silence.
~ a German proverb

Too busy to pen down my thoughts these days. Since I couldn't engage my brain before I open my mouth, I don't wana talk too much.

Here are my updates of my 2010-A batch (spawned on 10 Jan 2010):

2010 Batch A

Video taken on 3rd February


Breeding the TVR

Breeding the TVR
Breeding and maintaining a bloodline of the Japanese TVR since 2003.

Goldfish Artwork

Goldfish Artwork
Marriage of 2 of my passions - Goldfish and Art.

Creating a New Variety

Creating a New Variety
My dream of creating a new variety of goldfish in 2006 has proven to be more than just an impulsive fantasy.

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