Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Plan to Rush

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.
~ George Patton

Life is getting very busy with my day job ramping up, ranchu breeding and family commitments for the pass weeks. A typical day for me starts at 4.30 ~ 5.00am to check for spawning, culling fries, routine pond maintenance, driving to collect and sieve the daphnia, feed the fries and than rushing to work in time. After work, it is another round of pond maintenance, culling and hatching brine shrimp to backup the daphnia supply. Not to forget the bigger ranchus and pearlscales to take care of. Finally, I will contemplate and write down my day plan for the following day. By 10~11pm, it become too physically and mentally tired for me to stay awake. Sometimes, I will fall asleep while reading long stories to my kids, much to their bewilderment.

Proper planning is important in this mad and tiring schedule as any unforseened circumstances would usually cause a domino effect on the day plan. In which case, a plan ensures priorities for the day are clear so that I can react to any situations efficiently.

The oldest batch of fries are 37 days old and left with about 44 pieces. They will be changing their baby colour very soon. Due to the warm waters of the tropical climate, baby goldfish change colour about 3 to 5 weeks faster than in temperate climates. While it is important to grow black baby ranchu slowly at this stage, I am also wary that colour change will happen when they are still too small in size. Most will not develop well if they change colour too fast.

Taken when fries are 35 days old.

Water change and culling at 5:00am with a spotlight.


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