Monday, April 27, 2009

Got Murphed Again? - 莫非墨菲?

I never had a slice of bread,
Particularly large and wide,
That did not fall upon the floor,
And always on the buttered side.
~ published in an American newspaper in Norwalk, Ohio 1841

墨菲定律 ~指詼諧的經驗之談,其要點為:任何事情都不象看上去那么簡單;任何可能出錯的事將出錯。

What a busy week I had struggling with the crazy weather! The period of April to May are the seasonal hot spells in Singapore with temperature reaching a high of 34 degrees celsius. The afternoon is often very warm, extremedly humid and windless, there may be sudden rain but it usually provide no respite for both people and fishes. I do not feed my fish in the afternoon and I provide more shade on the ponds to keep the water temperature cool. It is so unbearable in the outdoor that I would only work on the ponds in the cooler early morning or the late evening.

Sometimes, I can't help but marvel at the mischiefs of Mr. Murphy. The day I forgotten to shade one of the ponds, the sudden surge of temperature to more than 34 degrees celsius had caused most of my fries to change colour too early. I also got a "hand slip" scrubbing a pond and injured my neck and shoulders. Immobilized for a few days, some fishes got sick from overcrowding because I couldn't cull fast enough and change water. Two of the fishes I earmarked before were confirmed to flunk as show fishes - one with nice tail has a bent head while the other with nice head has a bent tail :( What luck! Anyway, these two fishes will be my seed fish candidates.

Come next year, I will breed more so that Mr Murphy would not have time to sabotage all the fishes :)

1) Fries that change colour too fast due to the warm water.
2) BBR with a bent head alignment.
3) BBR with a bent and overlapped caudal tail.


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