Saturday, April 18, 2009


A clumsy bird has to fly first to get to the forest earlier
~ A Chinese proverb

A pair of Collared Kingfisher has been stalking me whenever I do water change or culling every morning. This is a sign that my place is looking like a fish farm. Today, I have decided that I have enough TVR fries for the year. Besides the smallest batch that is 5 days old now, I still have 6 batches of fries including 1 batch of calico TVR. I reckoned that with my space and time constraints, I can only manage this number of fries. Anyway, I have fulfilled my goal to complete the collection of TVR fries earlier so that I can focus on the Aquarama 2009 Goldfish Competition and the breeding of my new variety Pearlscale.

I am puzzled why the pearlscales are much more prolific than the TVR. Some of my Pearlscales had spawned 2 days ago. If the hatching is good, I would have more than 20 thousand fries. Pearlscales normally peaks in 1.5 to 2 years old so the spawn today is to prepare for Aquarama 2011.

1) One of the Kingfishers which has been stalking me.
2) Culling the Calico TVR - black background is easier to see the tail shape.
3) Smaller batches of TVR fries


Breeding the TVR

Breeding the TVR
Breeding and maintaining a bloodline of the Japanese TVR since 2003.

Goldfish Artwork

Goldfish Artwork
Marriage of 2 of my passions - Goldfish and Art.

Creating a New Variety

Creating a New Variety
My dream of creating a new variety of goldfish in 2006 has proven to be more than just an impulsive fantasy.

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