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International Goldfish ~ 國際金魚

We all do better when we work together. Our differences do matter, but our common humanities matters more.
~ Bill Clinton

International Judges brainstorming
- note the number of white bowls with
for the first round of judging

Ranchu Champion
I was back not too long ago from the Inaugural World Goldfish Show in China-Fuzhou (15th ~ 17th September). With Alvin honoured as one of the 12 International judges of the Goldfish Competition, I was looking forward as a member of the Vermillion Goldfish Club entourage to support the show with our club's exhibits, but instead, found myself fully engaged as a translator for some of the International judges during the 2 days of intensive judging.

It was a great honour working with various Goldfish dignitaries, but a task that I was not mentally prepared as I am not a professional translator. Fortunately, the International judges were very accommodating of my translation. It was a great experience to witness the judges persevere to complete the judging of more than 2000 fishes under fatigue and time pressure - Everyone put their heads together and work relentlessly to solve various unforeseen problems arising from the complexities and logistics of running such a big show. It was also heartening to see the sincere mutual respect amongst the International judges in understanding and accommodating each others' aesthetic standards and judging criteria in this International congregation. Isn't this emblematic of the spirit of friendship and harmony of the Goldfish hobby?

Grand Champion Ryukin
Though there were various "hiccups" as expected of a relatively inexperience organising committee running their first International Goldfish Show, the grandeur and scale with which the motherland of the Goldfish showcase their proud Goldfish heritage is awe inspiring - many rare and beautiful varieties of Goldfish from different provinces of China graced the show and we were also very fortunate to meet up with some very famous Chinese breeders, who shared in-depth knowledges about Goldfish grooming and breeding. 
Rare blue brown fantail Pompom

It was a fruitful trip meeting old friends and making new friends. Till now I am still picking up the aftermath of the show - catching up on the backlog of tasks while I was away :P

I have also updated the Vermillion Goldfish Club website with more photos of our trip. Enjoy :)) !!!


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