Monday, May 18, 2009

Preparing for Aquarama 2009 新加坡國際觀賞魚展2009


Strong opponents will make you stronger.
~Wee Yap, GoldfishArtQuatics

Aquarama 2009 is just less than 2 weeks away. It is time to add in the finishing touches to the fishes that I am fielding in the Aquarama Goldfish Competition. Feeding them a little more and being more vigilant on their health to ensure that they will be in top form for the few days of public exhibition.

Most of my entries are self-bred and raised in Singapore. I feel very honoured to showcase them in the international level and judged by some of the most renowned goldfish judges in the world. To my avid goldfish hobbyist friends and me, the Aquarama is like the Olympics Games where athletes train hard to prepare for the big day. Like the games, the timing of growth of the fish, finishing and the fielding strategy are all very important factors. In fact, it is a continual effort as we have already started to breed and groom the fishes in preparation for the next Aquarama 2011 and My Fancy Goldfish Competition 2010 (MYFC).

On the other hand, I feel that the Olympics is sometimes excessively competitive where the crucial few moments determine an athlete’s career. To witness some of them breaking down in tears or the whole nation mourn for a lose medal is stoically cold blooded for me. I hope the Goldfish Competition is not that cruel and participants would win with honour and to lose with dignity. Unlike sports where the athlete has limited years of prime performance, there is always another chance in another goldfish competition as long as one is passionate to stay focus in the goldfish hobby. After all, competition is the best way of improvement.

Besides the Fish Competition, the Aquarama is also an excellent opportunity to get to know new goldfish hobbyists locally and abroad. If you wish to meet up with me, do drop me a mail so that I can try to make arrangements. In any way, do drop by the Vermillion Goldfish Club booth #232 to view the exhibits and speak to any of the fellow Vermillion members about the Goldfish hobby.

Some readers have asked about the updates of my TVR. Yes, I have not forgotten about them - my bigger batches of Tosai (yearlings) TVRs are growing fast after colour change. The last batch of BBR will also be weaning from daphnia soon but I am again overwhelmed by the next wave of ever-hungry Dragon Eye Pearlscales. It has been a very busy goldfish breeding season and a very happy year for the shop that sells me daphnia everyday.

1) Alvin taking fish measurements to plan entries for the Aquarama 2009
2) Close up of the pinky cheek blue berry eyes.
3) The batch of bigger tosais from batch#1, #2 and #6.

1) A tribute to Yang Wei, the triple Olympics gymnast champ.
2) Potential TVR tosais (yearlings) for 2009


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Breeding the TVR
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