Wednesday, May 27, 2009


A single tree makes no forest; a single string makes no music.
~ A Chinese proverb

Yesterday was benching-in day for the Aquarama International Ornamental Fish Competition and a very exciting moment where all the suspense and guess work about the competitors’ fishes were lifted. Even within the Vermillion Goldfish Club, some members engaged in healthy competition amongst each other and review only their entries in the very last moment. As the “secret weapons” were reviewed, the next excitement would be to speculate the winning entries.

As far as I can remember, since I took part in the Aquarama Fish Competition, it will almost always be a rainy day on benching-in day and we are always as wet as our fishes. However, teamwork and proper planning are distinct trademarks of the Vermillion Goldfish Club to ensure the smooth flow of any club events. It was nevertheless, a very busy day to pack our fishes for the competition and a day filled with great fun and pleasant surprises.

Although there are no monetary prizes for winning in the Aquarama Goldfish Competition, it has never failed to receive overwhelming responses. In fact, it is getting more and more competitive in recent years with many local and regional hobbyists importing very strong entries directly from China, Thailand and Indonesia.

Today will be the judging day and it is going to be very tough for the judges in some of the categories with more than 200 tanks to judge. To make the Aquarama Fish Competition even more exciting, the organizer, UBM Asia will be forecasting the live results of the finalist during judging:

My entries are :
Category A, Class 2 - Tanks 1,2,3
Category A, Class 7 - Tank 3
Category B, Class 2 - Tank 3
Category B, Class 7 - Tanks 4,5

Another reason to look forward this evening will be dinner with my foreign hobbyist friends :)

1) Braving the rain on benching-in day
2) Organised packing
3) Benching-in at exhibition venue
4) Blue Berry Eyes: Mirror mirror on the wall...


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