Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tora Oranda (Tiger Oranda) ~ 虎紋獅


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3.5 months old Tora Oranda

The calico goldfish (五花) was created by crossing a transparent scale (透明) goldfish with a metallic scale (正常鱗) goldfish. As such, the calico goldfish spots some hard metallic scales over matte-transparent scales. In some cases, metallic scales congregated in clusters and create interesting reflective effects. Hence, the term reflective scales (反光鱗) are also used broadly nowadays. 

A pair from the same spawn having sky-blue patches and red head wen

Calico goldfish has very random and varied combinations of black, orange, yellow, brown, red, white and even sky-blue coloration, likened to a painting canvas decorated with impressionistic hues of intermingling colours. It is no doubt, my favorite colour pattern!

Another of same spawn with lesser black markings

My recent outcross of the Chinese calico oranda with the Thai black (nacreous scale) oranda yields various different and interesting colour patterns within the same spawn. Many of which spotted the tiger-liked decorations with orange base and black markings. I hope some can grow real big and majestic like a tiger ;-)

I am also selling some excess fishes in my sales blog.


Unknown March 8, 2015 at 11:35 PM  

Nice tigers. Thanks for the well written and interesting blog!

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