Friday, August 12, 2011

Growth ~ 成長

不是所有的變化都代表成長﹔ 就像不是所有的行動都是前進的。

All change is not growth; as all movement is not forward .

~ Ellen Glasgow

Spawn from 23rd July
Some unforeseen events kept me very busy for weeks. Nevertheless, in the midst of all the mayhem, I am glad to collect a spawn from a pair of Nisai TVR in the last week of July. Though I often collect test spawns to fine tune my techniques and verify the best combination of seed fishes,  this is the first time that I breed the TVR later than May.

Actually, its running quite late by the Japanese TVR calendar where most of the TVR breedings in Japan have stopped. By now, many of the avid Japanese Ranchu fanciers would be ardently pushing the growth of their TVR to at least 12cm in order to field them in the All Japan Ranchu Show (AJRS).

CBR from spawn D
Video shot in late April 2011 (2 months old)

Same fish video taken on 12 Aug 2011
(about 5.5 months old)
No doubt size do have an edge in TVR competitions and it is not difficult to accomplished rapid growth for Ranchu in our tropical climate, I strongly believe that growth must be an accompaniment of balance but not vice versa. After all, the Ranchu is an ornamental fish and not a food fish. 

Many beautiful things in life became out of proportion and ugly at the expense of greed and growth. The Ranchu hobbyists should study and moderate the growth rate of each fish to harmonize with its overall development. 


Ryanchu August 26, 2011 at 9:25 PM  

Bravo!.. the tail is so exquisite.. both in color and frame.. A very noticable improvement in your line of breed is the tummy and body is more slender with this generation.. your line of breed is getting better and better.. cheers!

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