Monday, October 25, 2010

Haze ~ 煙霧


Ego Is The Veil That Shuts The Light
~Author Unknown

It's hazy these days - the unwelcome haze has returned to Singapore again :( Rain, shine or haze I would still have to tend to my beloved fishes. Every end of the year is both my Pearlscale breeding season and a time to bring my family for a holiday. I have to reduce my Pearlscale spawns to a manageable number in order to enjoy my overseas holiday with peace of the mind.
The game plan is to grow them bigger as fast as possible so that their flaws  are more obvious for me to cull confidently. Structural and feature flaws in the back curve, scaling, and finnages of the Goldfish would not be discernible until they grow bigger. 

Interestingly, we can usually see more of our own flaws as we "grow" - in skills and self-esteem. When we failed, our pride supports us but when we succeed, very often, our ego would betray us. Ego results in a swollen head and arrogance while pride gives a swollen heart and the pleasure of accomplishment with humility.

Fortunately for us, the haze in Singapore is still very minor compared to some cities in Malaysia. Let's hope the rain and the cooler weather would bring respite to the hazy conditions. 

1. Moderately hazy Singapore's skyline

2. Month old fish have not develop the scaling and rounded body

3. 6.5 weeks old fishes with more matured features


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