Thursday, January 21, 2010

Top View Ranchu Déjà Vu

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter.
Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
~ Samuel Beckett

Time flies and it's been a year since I started blogging on 18 Jan 2009! I am very happy that this  humble blog has attracted many Goldfish hobbyists around the world and some readers would write to me to chat and share about their Goldfish stories too.

Though I know that the Goldfish is cherished Internationally, I can't help being surprised by readers coming from countries like India, Africa, Russia and Spain where I least expected to have much Goldfish activities compared to the US and countries near Asia. My sincere thanks to all for your kind support and please keep those emails coming in - I will definitely reply your mails, but bear with me if sometimes my schedule does not allow me to reply sooner.

Lately, I am again busy with the TVR spawning and my work commitment is also ramping up, so I may have to make do with shorter blogs without the luxury of time to pen down more of my thoughts. Another reason (or rather excuse) is, I plan to do more spawns of the new breed of Dragon Eyes Pearlscale this year. This would likely leave me with lesser time to blog. Anyway, most people would never believe how much time I spent with my fishes :)

This is the first year that I managed to collect TVR spawns in January. I have now two small but healthy spawns on the 10th  (about 1000 fries) and 15th January (about 3000 fries). For a good start, these two spawns were hatched much healthier than any of last year's spawns.

The weather in Singapore this year is no less crankier than last year's, so I probably would not have a very easy time again to groom the BBR. It has been scorching hot for the past few days and the feeding of the female fishes has been reduced to prevent egg engorgement. I also took the opportunity to do some preventive treatments to keep them healthy before the height of the spawning season. If there is more rain and the weather becomes cooler, I will start to feed the seed fishes more aggressively.

Every year, I look forward to TVR breeding with mixed feelings of anticipation and apprehension. The challenges tickle my curiosity and at the same time, can be quite disheartening, especially when I could only be more sure of the results in another 6 months' time. I keep my fingers crossed and hope the mistakes I made in previous years would help me to improve.

Thanks for the support of this blog!

1) 15 Jan spawn hatched on 18 Jan.

2) Precautionary treatment of 2010 seed fishes.

3) 10 Jan fries grazing daphnia at 4 days old.


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