Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Pursuit for Perfection ~ 精益求精

~ 埃及諺語

A Beautiful Thing is Never Perfect
~ An Egyptian Proverb

Back to continue on the Pompom Dragon Eyes Pearlscale - when the F1 Pompom hybrids attained sexual maturity in early part of 2009, I attempted inbreeding and back-crossing different breeder combination for F2.

F2 Male Pompom Dragon Eyes Pearlscale ~ Oct 2009

The three most important spawns are :

Spawn 2009-IA:
Inbreeding the F1 Pompom hybrid - 40% short tail specimens. Only some long tail fries inherited the pearl-scaling (poor quality scaling due to incomplete dominance). All short tail fries have normal scales. I kept a few long tail males with Pearl scaling as next generation breeders.

Spawn 2009-BA:
Back-crossing a F1 Pompom hybrid female to the stable line Dragon Eyes Pearlscale male - more than 80% short tail specimens with varied degrees of pearl-scaling traits. The best short tail female in the F2 was a red-white female with faint traces of pompom and big rounded eyes (pictured below).

Spawn 2009-BB:
Back-crossing a F1 Pompom hybrid male to the stable line female - more than 80% short tail specimens with varied degrees of pearl-scaling traits. An almost full red male fish with  slightly more obvious Pompoms, big balance eyes and pearl-scaling is the most important F2 breeder.

All the progenies from both the spawns are lacking in my desired features and structure. Specifically, they have longer peduncle joints, bad quality scaling and flatter back curves. The overall traits have all gone haywire after a major out-cross like a stack of scrambled poker cards - it will take a few generations to "tune" them back again. 

The next breeding plan for F3 will be to enhance and improve the desired features by crossing the best male from spawn 2009-BB with the best female from spawn 2009-BA. Since this F2 male has a stronger Pompom trait and  better quality pearl-like scaling amongst the F2, I would backcross it again with females of the stable Dragon Eyes Pearlscale line to improve the F3's scaling and structure. Hopefully, the Pompom trait will not become diluted in the F3.

I think I really got carried away talking about goldfish. With this last posting for year 2009, I would like to wish all my readers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. Thanks for all your kind support of this blog and the emails!

I would be busy with the Oozeki Annual Ranchu Show (OARS) on New Year's day. Look out for the Oozeki Ranchu Club website for the OARS 2010 updates soon.


1) Male fish from spawn BB

2) Side view of the same male fish from spawn BB.

3) Female from spawn BA.

4) Another female from spawn BA

5) Long tail progeny from spawn IA (inbreed)


Unknown January 8, 2010 at 10:09 AM  

Looking forward to hearing about the success of F3 =)

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