Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Golden Mean ~ 中庸

Life is like riding a bicycle. To find your balance, you must keep moving. ~ Albert Einstein

Fortunately for the goldfish hobbyists in Singapore, there are two goldfish shows these two months to tide through the usual quiet months after the Aquarama. The Fish-Hub Flower Horn and Goldfish Show is currently held in the East Point Mall till this Sunday, 20th September while the Mid Autumn Goldfish Show will be held on 3rd October.

I entered 2 self-bred Dragon Eye Pearlscale for the Fish Hub Show. The same fish which won the 3rd Prize in the Aquarama 2009 Pearlscale category, came in 1st in the Pearlscale category.

It isn't that encouraging for my other entry of the Black Dragon Eye Pearlscale. This fish has a structural problem that causes its head to dip whenever it stops swimming. To keep balance, it has to keep swimming. It is my mistake for not checking on its deportment before sending it for shows. It was kept it in a pond with 6 other fishes and never displayed it in an aquarium.

I have also found some time last evening to update the show winners' pictures in the Vermillion Goldfish Club website. It has also been a great challenge for me to balance work, family and hobby these few weeks.

1) Fish-Hub Flower Horn & Goldfish Show in East Point Mall.

2) My 1st Prize winner.

3) A Short Tail Ryukin that I am most impressed in the show. This guy has the potential to grow more beautiful in future shows.

4) My Black Dragon Eye Pearlscale with structural problem.


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